Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
Innova Systems & SolidWorks
We are pleased to announce a new working partnership with Innova Systems, the local distributor for SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software. Cambridge-based Innova Systems, with support from SolidWorks UK, has provided us with the design and analysis tools, including full support and training. These facilities have not only contributed to the designís integrity, but have also dramatically reduced the timescales involved in bringing the Monofoil project to fruition.
EV Offshore
We are delighted to have the support of EV Offshore who will be supplying on board cameras and recording equipment. EV Offshore is a world leader in ruggedised cameras that can survive in extremely hostile environments. This equipment will allow us to monitor the performance of certain key components (such as the foil), as well as providing invaluable feedback.
High Modulus
We are also extremely grateful to High Modulus whose staff have very generously offered to donate their time to help produce the composite laminate lay-up.