Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
The Monofoil project belies the belief that there are no further frontiers to cross and offers fantastic opportunities for both individuals and companies to be at the forefront of twenty-first century, British innovation.
Sponsorship of Monofoil enables every investor in the project to be part of the most exciting challenge in today's sailing world. Moreover, the elegance and sheer scale of the craft make Monofoil a very eye-catching and appealing proposition for the media, ensuring that sponsors receive high-value exposure for their brands in return for investment.
Designed not only to break all existing speed sailing and short-course ocean passage records, but also to compete with catamarans, trimarans and monohulls in ocean races, Monofoil is destined to change people's perceptions of boat design and sailing forever. Being associated with this radical concept from the outset will automatically link sponsors and their brands with the very best in sailing innovation.