Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
Once Monofoil is completed, we will be attempting the following records:
1.500 metres outright speed
2.One nautical mile outright speed (the shortest, legitimate ocean record)
3.Round the Isle of Wight (50 nautical miles)
4.Cross-Channel from Cowes to Dinard (138 nautical miles)
5.Fastnet Course (605 nautical miles)
6.Round Ireland non-stop (708 nautical miles)
7.24-hour distance record
We are also planning to compete in the following races and, with favourable weather and sea conditions, break the existing race records for:

Bol D'Or Race (Lake Geneva)
Round the Isle of Wight Race
Cowes to Dinard Race
Fastnet Race
Other Records
Other records that may also be possible with Monofoilís current design include Round Britain and Ireland non-stop (1787 nautical miles) and the Marseille to Carthage (in Tunisia) Across Mediterranean Route (458 nautical miles).
Future plans include building a larger scale Monofoil to accommodate a pilot and passenger, with the intention of challenging the TransAt record.