Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
500m Outright Speed
Outright Record Apr 2005 Windsurfer
Finian Maynard (BVI)
48.70 kts
1 Nautical Mile Outright Speed
Outright Record Oct 2005 Windsurfer
Finian Maynard (BVI)
39.97 kts
Round the Isle of Wight
Route Record Nov 2001 "PlayStation"
Steve Fossett (USA)
2h 33m 55s
19.53 kts
Race Record Jun 2001 "Dexia Eure et Loire"
Rodney Pattisson (GBR)
Francis Joyon (FRA)
3h 10m 11s
15.77 kts
Cross Channel Record (Cowes - Dinard)
Route Record Sep 2002 "Maiden 2"
Adrienne Cahalan (GBR)
Helena Darvelid (GBR)
Brian Thompson (GBR)
5h 23m 38s
25.60 kts
Race Record Jul 1999 "Spirit of England"
Peter Clutterbuck (GBR)
13h 50m 20s
10.98 kts
Fastnet Course Record (Cowes - Fastnet Rock - Plymouth)
Route Record Mar 2002 "PlayStation"
Steve Fossett (USA)
1d 11h 17m 14s
17.14 kts
Race Record Aug 1999 "Fujicolor II"
Lo´ck Peyron (FRA)
1d 16h 27m 0s
14.96 kts
Round Ireland Record (Non-Stop)
Route Record Sep 1993 "Lakota"
Steve Fossett (USA)
1d 20h 42m
15.84 kts
24 hour Distance Record
Distance Record Jul 2006 "Orange II"
Bruno Peyron (FRA)
31.95 kts