Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
02/08/2006: Ron Dennis joins Monofoil Sailing team
We have taken on a new member of staff, Ron Dennis. He has joined the Monofoil Sailing team to finalise the detailed design of the mechanical components and control mechanisms of the craft. He has worked as a principal engineer in the automotive industry for 15 years and in his free time works on improvements to high performance engines.
Ron Dennis
The Solidworks package has been a huge success. It is a really serious package and has already made the most phenomenal impact. I am quite certain that if it was suggested we returned to our original CAD package there would be a major rebellion. We have immediately seen improvements in the time taken to design components and the output from that work. Within the next few months we hope to be able to show a full 3d version on the website that you can download and view from any angle.
Thank you once again Innova Systems and Solidworks for your support.
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