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Monofoil Sailing
22/07/2006: Monofoil Sailing chooses SolidWorks design software
Monofoil Sailing has chosen SolidWorks® 3D CAD and COSMOSWorks® software to design and build a Monofoil craft to challenge every speed sailing and short course ocean passage record
With this ambitious design project, the Monofoil Sailing team knew it had to look at changing its existing 3D software to achieve the completion date for initial testing in September 2007. The idea behind the craft is simple: The less boat touching the water, the less drag and the more speed. Once the craft hits cruising speed, the hull lifts up above the water about a foot, flying like a glider tethered to the ocean by a stress-resistant foil that extends from the boom.
"Our existing 3D software was proving to be unworkable, extremely difficult to use and was hindering our project timescales, so we researched other popular 3D Design systems in the marketplace." comments Project Manager Steve Grimes. "We decided on SolidWorks because of it exceptional ease of use, speed of learning and its powerful modelling capabilities. Following a five-day specific training course from Innova Systems, we have been pleasantly surprised how quickly we have learnt SolidWorks and how enjoyable the software is to use in a design environment. It puts the fun back into design."
Designing in SolidWorks enables the complete Monofoil to be fully defined in three dimensions, allowing the internal design of mechanisms and control devices for steering, throttle control and ride height. The visualisation brings the whole team together to contribute and develop a much-improved understanding of the overall structure.
The SolidWorks eDrawings® communication tool is used to cost-effectively share designs with suppliers and other team members who are away from the office. The Monofoil team has invested in four licenses of SolidWorks.
"We are thrilled that Monofoil Sailing have choosen SolidWorks from Innova Systems. We understand that companies like Monofoil Sailing need to concentrate on their design work and not their CAD system in order to achieve their record breaking sailing ambitions" comments Mark Bradford of Innova Systems. "SolidWorks continues to create intuitive, high-performing software designed to embrace difficult design challenges and let customers design products to beat world records."
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