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Monofoil Sailing
07/03/2006: New Arrivals
In November we took on Steve Grimes as a full time project manager to coordinate the design, build and test activities of the project. Steve worked in the aerospace industry as an electronics engineer for many years and also had experience with several innovative startup companies. Recently he worked as a project manager with a well respected design consultancy in Cambridgeshire, working mainly in the defence sector. He has made a fantastic difference to the project already both on a professional and personal level.
We have also just taken on Sebastien Joly who is now the team cameraman as well as one of the boat building team. Seb is a professional cameraman, with a passion for sailing boats. He originally trained as a boat builder before becoming a photographer and finally a cameraman. He will be recording the more interesting parts of the build and testing of Monofoil. This is particularly useful as there is likely to be only the odd bit of filming required each week and it means that we can capture this without having someone make a special visit.
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07/03/2006: New Arrivals
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