Monofoil Sailing
Monofoil Sailing
Project Objectives
The current objectives of the Monofoil Sailing project will be met as part of a phased programme of work over the next two years. The scale and complexity of the Monofoil craft makes it a long term proposition, however, much of the design work and mould construction has already been completed.
We have completed the main wing and are currently making the paws and whiskers component (the forward stabilizing floats and their associated aerofoil-sectioned supporting struts) for the boat. All moulds required for the main composite components have been completed.
The current project is split into four phases with several key milestones in each phase:
Phase 1: Build Schedule
We expect the build of all composite components, internal mechanisms and control elements of Monofoil to be completed within a year. This phase will also include unit testing of individual parts of the Monofoil to confirm correct functionality.
Key Milestone:
Sep 07 Complete build schedule.
Phase 2: Testing & Initial Speed Record Attempt
Following the completion of the build, the next phase will encompass the testing of the boat both on and off the water as an entire unit with the ultimate goal of a short speed record attempt. The testing phase will also include the training of support crew in safe handling, assembly and launching of the boat in all conditions.
Key Milestones:
Nov 07 Complete handling, assembly and launch testing
Mar 08 Complete on the water testing
Apr 08 First record attempt (500m outright speed record)
Phase 3: Offshore Testing & Short Course Records & Races
Phase 3 aims to prepare Monofoil for ocean course record attempts and for competitive racing. Dependent on conditions, we expect to make several short course speed record attempts in between offshore boat testing. The goal of this phase is to compete against other vessels in the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.
Key Milestones:
Apr 08 - Jun 08 1 nautical mile & Round The Island course record attempts Jun 08 First race (Round The Island Course)
Phase 4: Endurance Records & Races
This is the final most exciting and ambitious phase of the Monofoil project. We are aiming to take Monofoil further offshore to challenge longer distance ocean passage and race records. We will be going head-to-head with the most competitive boats and crews in the world in international races.
Key Milestones:
Cowes to Dinard Course Record (138 nautical miles)
Fastnet Course Record (605 nautical miles)
Fastnet Race (605 nautical miles)
Around Ireland (708 nautical miles)
24 hour Distance Record (>800 nautical miles)